The Row by David Carroll

My wife and I were on our 20th wedding anniversary in Seattle, Washington when we noticed some odd-shaped light bulbs in a shop window while on a duck boat tour of the city. As soon as the boat stopped, we hustled down the street and just made it in before the shop was closing. We were amazed at the size and beauty of these light bulbs and just had to have them. We bought three of them and had them shipped back home to Nashville, Tennessee. 

A week or so later, when the bulbs arrived, I placed them on the kitchen counter to show my wife. As she looked at them I wondered, “What in the world am I going to do with these?” She said, “You’re just going to have to make light fixtures for them.” With self-preservation and marital satisfactions in mind, I said, “Yes, dear.” 

The Large Row came about as so many things in our lives do by adhering to the old adage that necessity is the mother of invention, and my wife said it was necessary so I went to inventing.

The original, central idea was that the bulb is the art piece, so the fixture was just the stand. The elementary style of the light is mostly due to the manufacturing limits I had at the time. The Edison style of the filament and the color naturally needed wood in the picture. The metal portion was now playing third fiddle as the bulb and wood piece began to take the center stage and play well with each other.       

The Row changed metal size, length, and width over the course of a couple of weeks until we landed on its current iteration. It has stayed mainly the way it is now from the beginning. After completing the first fixture and showing it to my wife, she was thrilled and then told me she needed a pair. So back to work I went.

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