Lucas + McKearn's Stellar Peron Chandelier


   To give context to this wonderful fixture, you must know more about Lucas + McKearn and their careful balance between honoring their “mixed French and Spanish styles of our early New Orleans history” and moving forward into an updated, modern look. 

  The union of these styles into a gleaming conversation piece makes for a light fixture that draws attention in any space. 

   Angie Balsam, the online product manager at Lucas + McKearn says, “The Peron chandelier was designed to be that ‘wow’ piece either for a Glam kitchen or dining room,” or for someone looking to show off “the updated modern style.”

   The hanging pieces are all finished in silver, so the “gold look” is simply a reflection. The light is nearly a party trick; flip the switch off, and the gold goes away! Flip it back on, and the gold reappears!

   Lucas + McKearn makes the Peron work in many different environments by “combining the traditional finishes, the sharp angles, and the simple drum shape,” Balsam continues.

   This light fixture, meticulously designed and crafted, starkly contrasts--but does not clash with--a few different styles.

   As mentioned in our most recent product training, designers at Lucas + McKearn chose this fixture for the combination of modern appeal and to begin a fresh look for 2020 for Lucas + McKearn,” says Angie Balsam.

   These details offer content for the conversation that this fixture will inevitably start; therefore, it is definitely a cool light fixture!

   The Peron Chandelier is available in our shop for purchase!

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  • Sarah Lehman on

    Wow, thats gorgeous! Love the shimmer

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